A Journal of Neotropical Biodiversity
ISSN 1809-5348 (print), 2358-2847 (online)

Neodiversity - Article

New combinations and a new name in Brazilian Orchidaceae

Fábio de Barros
Leonardo Ramos Seixas Guimarães

Neodiversity, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 26-33

DOI: 10.13102/neod.51.7, Publication Date: 2010-12-31


In this work the authors propose new combinations for the genera Acianthera Scheidw., Aganisia Lindl., Anathallis Barb.Rodr., Brasiliorchis R.B.Singer, S.Koehler & Carnevali, Coppensia Dumort., Eurystyles Wawra, Liparis Rich., Mormolyca Fenzl, and Specklinia Lindl. A new name is proposed for Liparis bifolia Cogn. (established in 1895) which is a later homonym of Liparis bifolia St.-Leg. (established in 1889).

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