A Journal of Neotropical Biodiversity
ISSN 1809-5348 (print), 2358-2847 (online)

Neodiversity - Article

Philcoxia tuberosa (Plantaginaceae), a new species from Bahia, Brazil

Maria Luiza Silveira de Carvalho
Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz

Neodiversity, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 14-20

DOI: 10.13102/neod.71.3, Publication Date: 2014-08-10


Philcoxia tuberosa is proposed as a new species of Plantaginaceae from Bahia (Northeastern Brazil). It can be differentiated from the remaining three species of the genus by the presence of tubers in the branches, smaller flowers, pedicel and sepals sparsely glandular, bicolor corolla with purple tube and white limb, and longer sepals and filaments. This new species has a narrow geographical range in Morro do Chapéu municipality, on the Northern slopes of the Chapada Diamantina mountain range. It occurs in white sand dunes within a patch of Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest.

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