A Journal of Neotropical Biodiversity
ISSN 1809-5348 (print), 2358-2847 (online)

Neodiversity - Article

Re-establishment, synopsis and new combinations in the genus Bionia Mart. ex Benth. (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae)

Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz

Neodiversity, Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 13-18

DOI: 10.13102/neod.31.3, Publication Date: 2008-03-10


Bionia Mart.ex Benth. is a small genus of tribe Phaseoleae subtribe Diocleinae (Leguminosae). It was considered as a synonym of Camptosema W.J.Hook. & Arn. for the last 160 years. The genus is re-established based on previous phylogenetic analysis of the subtribe Diocleinae which showed that Bionia is unrelated to Camptosema. Bionia is distinct from Camptosema by macromorphological and palynological characters and is restricted to eastern and central Brazil. New combinations are presented here, resulting in a circumscription of Bionia including five species.

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