A Journal of Neotropical Biodiversity
ISSN 1809-5348 (print), 2358-2847 (online)

Author: Cássio van den Berg
Epulorhiza amonilioides sp. nov.: a new anamorphic species of orchid mycorrhiza from Brazil
Leptotes vellozicola: a new species of Orchidaceae from Bahia Brazil.
A new species of Stylosanthes Sw. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) from Paraná, Brazil
Domestication, hybridization, speciation, and the origins of an economically important tree crop of Spondias (Anacardiaceae) from the Brazilian Caatinga dry forest
New combinations in the genus Cattleya. II. Corrections and combinations for hybrid taxa
New combinations in the genus Cattleya Lindl. (Orchidaceae)
Nomenclatural notes on Laeliinae-VI. Further combinations in Cattleya (Orchidaceae)
Nomenclatural notes on Laeliinae-VII. New combinations in Cattleya for species and nothospecies originally described in Hoffmannseggella (Orchidaceae)
Nomenclatural notes on Laeliinae-VIII. Overlooked new combinations in Cattleya, and new infrageneric nothotaxa